Music Ministry

Our worship ministry is exploding with a wide variety of opportunities to get involved, including musical groups (vocal and instrumental), media teams (sound, video, projection), and worship arts (drama and banners). Our worship is truly a time of celebration. In worship we utilize the new songs of praise and worship as well as the great old songs and hymns of the faith. If you enjoy music, media, or worship arts, then we have a place for you. Check out the information on this page to get more info about your specific area of interest.

Worship Choir

Worship Choir is FBCOS’s main vocal ensemble. We are a non-auditioned group that leads worship each Sunday Morning @ 10:30 AM. Prior singing experience and an ability to read music are both helpful, but neither are required. We can teach you what you need to know! All vocal soloists and small ensemble members are also members of the Worship Choir.

From time to time we take our music into the community singing Christmas carols for our city’s annual “Uptown, Downtown, All Around Town” event and participating in the annual Christmas tree lighting festivities. We also enjoy singing with other coastal church choirs at the Gulf Coast Minister of Music Association Choir Festival each spring.

We usually rehearse Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM in our music suite’s rehearsal hall located upstairs in our main building. Come “test-drive” our worship choir by attending a rehearsal this week. You’ll be amazed at all the fun you’ll have while preparing to lead worship!

Celebration Orchestra

Our Celebration Orchestra is an auditioned group which provides full musical accompaniment for our morning worship time each Sunday @ 10:30 AM. We also play feature pieces from time to time and accompany the Worship Choir for special events. We rehearse on Sunday mornings @ 8:00 AM on the main platform of the sanctuary.

There are three ways to be involved: Still have your instrument? Set up an audition to join the fun! Sold or gave away your instrument long ago? Don’t worry! We can help you find an instrument to borrow. Have an available instrument, but no desire to play? Consider donating or lending your instrument to First Baptist. We’ll find someone with the talent and desire to use it to glorify God. Please contact us to become part of this ministry.


All vocal and instrumental soloists are chosen by audition and are faithful members of their respective age group choir or Celebration Orchestra. Once chosen, soloists are asked to share music in our morning worship service according to a schedule published quarterly by worship ministry staff. Special guests may occasionally be scheduled to sing/play at the discretion of the worship pastor. We are always looking for more talented musicians to add to our team.

Vocal Ensembles

Membership in small ensembles at FBCOS is by audition only, as positions become available. In addition to being faithful members of Worship Choir, members of small ensembles may put in as much as two additional hours of rehearsal per week. From time to time, we form new groups as the Lord brings us talent. If you are interested in vocal ensembles, let us know.


Sound plays a critical role in our worship. From playing CDs and MP3s to mixing the instruments and vocal mics, the sound technicians make it all sound good! If you have an ear for sound and enjoy the “behind the scenes” work that makes the “front and center” stuff possible, we need your help. Never worked on a sound board before? No problem! We can provide the training to get you started. Call our office to express your interest.


Projection makes a huge impact on the way worshipers respond to the team leading worship and even to the One that we worship. We can use volunteers with even a very basic knowledge of computers and a heart for worship. If you’re comfortable working in Windows and checking email, we can train you to work in the projection booth. We’ll stay with you until you can confidently display text and video for the services. Call our office for more info.


Are you a real character? Some really are, and we need lots of characters for our upcoming Drama Ministry. Players will perform sketches, skits, and plays at various times throughout the year to enhance worship. Drama allows you to be what you were created to be…a character!

Students and Children

Middle and high school students are welcome to be a part of Worship Choir and to audition for Celebration Orchestra. They may also play a role in drama, sound, lighting and projection. Additionally children’s choir rehearses separately on a seasonal basis to help lead worship at special times throughout the year and occasionally to produce their own productions. Contact the worship pastor about specific opportunities.